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Refocused directors Erica King and Dr Jon Kozeniauskas started the first Australian dental management company in 1989 call Focus Management.


Over 17 years and with our team of consultants we managed 585 individually owned dental practices’; in city, suburban and regional locations all over Australia. Each of our clients had an average increase of $420,000 in profitable income per dentist per year that we managed their practice.


The journey continued with developing and managing 8 of our own dental practices’ in Melbourne city and suburbs. The average purchase price of each practice was $400,000 and at sale these practices’ had increased to yearly incomes of $1.4M per practice.


Under our direction and mentoring these practices’ contracted 100’s of dentists and employed 100’s of staff to achieve high standards of care with productive, efficient and profitable teams.

  • Increase dentist efficiency

  • Increase dentist profitability

  • Increase dentist and team productivity

  • Increase principal dentist/practice owner income very significantly

  • Develop a dental practice to achieve its potential

  • Successfully integrate associate dentists’ and hygienists/therapists

  • Develop high standards of team professionalism and customer service

  • Implement proven systems and strategies for long - term success

  • Assist principal dentists’/practice owners with developing their leadership and business skills

  • Give principal dentists’/practice owners real control and choice in their lives

No other dental business management companies can match our experience, expertise and proven success over 30 years

Our Journey
Our team

Erica King

Organisational psychologist and specialist in developing human potential
B. T&D (Melb); Grad Dip Psych (Melb); MBTI Accred (USA); Grad Cert PR (RMIT)

Bottom line is over the 30 years being at the forefront of the dental profession I know exactly how to work with you to achieve your individual and practice goals.

My ability to support you and your team through the change process is second to none. I know without question that I can make the real and lasting difference that you are looking for in your professional career.

If you have the ‘will’ then we can show you the ‘way’.

Dr Jon Kozeniauskas

General dentist with specialist qualifications in TMJ; reconstructive dentistry and implants


Graduated in 1975 at University of Melbourne

B.Sc (Melb); B.DSc (Melb); M.DSc (Melb)

I started placing implants in 1990, having trained extensively in Portugal; Sweden, Canada, Spain and USA.

I continue to work as a dentist in my practice that was sold to a corporate several years ago. But my passion and best work is to mentor, support and guide dentists’ at every stage of career to gain significantly over your lifetime.

No one else in the dental profession has the vision; ability to take you from wherever you want to be plus proven ‘runs on the board’ to make you more financially successful than you ever dreamed of.

Our Guiding Principles

It’s all about you


Is the culmination of our combined experiences, success and achievements over 30 years.


But we are doing the management very differently this time around. We know that you deserve and must have an individually tailored program for you to achieve real success and increased income.

We do not offer a ‘cookie cutter’ approach.

You are the centre of your dental management program and that is why we know that we can make the difference you have been dreaming of.

Giving Back

refocuseddental is committed to supporting mental health.

Dentistry is a tough profession both physically and mentally so every little bit of help for those struggling at any phase of their career is essential. There have sadly been several times during our careers in the dental profession where we have ‘lost’ dentist colleagues to suicide and or mental health challenges which is what makes our commitment very personal and important to follow through on.

We will look for ways to fundraise throughout each year plus donate 5% of all profits to registered mental health organisations in Australia annually.

Giving Back
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