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Business Skills For Dentists

Successful dental practices’ require dentists’ to be:

  • Visionaries

  • Leaders

  • Staff Managers

  • Human Resource Managers

  • Team Motivators

  • Business Development Managers

  • Financial Managers

  • Marketing Managers

  • Customer Service Experts

And that is all before they do any clinical dentistry.

So how can you, the dentist have all of the above skills?

Ask yourself:

1) What do you want to achieve in your practice?

  • Growth – in the next 1 year; 2 years; 5 years; 10 years; to retirement

  • Development of practice location or premises

  • Income levels for the principal dentist; associate dentist and or hygienist

  • Levels of efficiency for all team members

  • No. of staff

  • Type of dentistry – eg; general dentistry; family care; cosmetics; implants

  • Type of practice – eg; emergency or long - term dental health care

  • Type of patients’ – eg; age range and the dental needs for these patients

  • Level of service offered

  • Practice image – how do you want to present yourself to your patients on every level such as visual appearance of the practice; visual grooming of your team and yourself etc

2) What type of leader are you?

  • What is your leadership philosophy

  • What is your leadership approach

  • How are you going to motivate, train and work with your team

3) How will your attract and keep good staff?

  • What do you have to offer current and new staff in the way of career development; responsibilities; ongoing learning and achievement

  • How will you get the best from your staff

  • What type of incentives or bonuses will you offer if any to your team and how will you measure this fairly

4) What is your Business plan?

  • What are your goals

  • How will you utilize your time efficiently; productively and profitably

5) What is your Financial plan?

  • How much income do you need or want

  • What is your practice budget for expenditure – monthly and yearly

  • How much savings do you need to allocate each month and year

  • How do you ensure that you control your money and not someone else

  • How do you comply with tax requirements – eg; PAYG; BAS etc

6) What is your Marketing plan?

  • What is your strategy to retain your current patient pool – eg preventative care program

  • How do you attract new patients to your practice

  • How do you give new patients a ‘wow’ experience

  • How do you increase referrals

  • How do you retain new patients in your practice

  • How do you create a positive practice image in your local community

  • How do you develop networks of referral

The most successful dental practices’ have a detailed business plan and then carefully manage every aspect of their business. Nothing is left to ‘chance’.

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