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Open or Closed?

Do we stay open or closed in Victoria?

Now that is appears level 2 restrictions will be in force from Wed 15th July?

I feel very strongly that we continue to open & provide whatever dental care is possible for the patients that want to come in.

Losing any kind of momentum right now is a mistake in my opinion.

Strategies to consider during lock down:

- Rotate staff & dentists so that the whole team keeps working

- Contact every patient in your practice to stay connected with them. Show them some 'love & care'

- Make longer appointments so that you can spend more time communicating & educating

- Communicate all of the COVID19 safety precautions that you have in place to keep both patients & team safe

- Make it easy for your patients to come in and see you such as parking options so that they don't have to use public transport

- Give every patient a mask to wear home

- Give your patients tips on lock down hygiene

- Use this time to plan, implement & charge forward with your marketing in all areas

There is no question that these are tough & stressful times for everyone BUT control what you can control and that is all about YOU, YOUR ATTITUDE & APPROACH. Stay safe.

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